CrowsNest Card Game App for iPhone/iPad

CrowsNest card game is an iPhone/iPad app dedicated to the accurate presentation of popular versions of the classic card game Rook®. Since 1906 when Rook® originated, it has been played with families, friends, and in clubs and tournaments. During this time several versions have gained widespread popularity1:

CrowsNest Card Game app installs with the developer's own favorite Rook® version, CrowsNest, as the default. It is identical to Tournament Rook with two strategic exceptions:

The popular Rook® versions listed above are also available for play, and can be selected under the "Settings" (gear) button. Rules for Play of each version are provided under the "Information" button.

In the app you play with a computerized partner against 2 computerized opponents. All 3 computerized players have identical "skill", so the winning difference is up to you!

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Rook® is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc.

1 Philip E. Orbanes, Rook in a Book, p. 4-59, Winning Moves, Inc. (1999)